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ShaftKeeper 7/16'' (10-Pack)

ShaftKeeper 7/16'' (10-Pack)

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When a roller conveyor has been in use for several years, the side frame openings that receive and retain the conveyor roller hexagonal shafts can become worn and distorted. The repetitive back and forth actuation of the conveyor roller causes the shaft of the roller to twist back and forth in the shaft opening of the side frame. Over a period of time, this twisting action can distort the shape of the shaft opening and turn a hexagonal shaft opening into a circular opening. At this point, the shaft is free to rotate or spin within the opening creating noise, vibration, additional wear on the side frame and leads to the premature failure of the side frame and other conveyor components.

Until now, the most common solution was to replace the side frame or worse yet, completely replace the roller conveyor system due to the damaging effects of vibration. This approach is expensive, inconvenient and creates downtime for the conveyor system The new and improved Shaftkeeper II® is a quick, easy and inexpensive way for reconditioning and repairing conveyor side frames to retain roller conveyor shafts without replacing the entire side frame. Simply attach Shaftkeeper II® to the 7/16” hexagonal roller shaft and tighten the set-screws against the conveyor side frame.

The Shaftkeeper II® will keep the roller from moving and significantly reduce noise as well.

Shaftkeeper II® is patented and made of Brandonite® high-performance composites, a durable vibration-dampening material which allows the shaft-capturing device to easily attach to the conveyor roller shaft and securely hold the shaft to the side frame. And, Shaftkeeper II® can be used on new conveyors to prevent wear or allow for improperly sized or shaped side frames and roller shafts to be used.